Wings of Time, Sentosa - Singapore - 2014

2014 Award Winning Outdoor Night Show in the world.
Wings of Time is a permanent show standing in Sentosa island in Singapore.
Whole images design and production, characters were made by Yannick VIOLIN, Nayade.
Show designed and directed by Moïra Smith, Eca2.
Production by ©Eca2.
Pics by Julien Panie.

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Producer : Jean-Christophe CANIZARES
Head of Operations: Guillaume DUFLOT
Technical Director : Jason FISCHER
Project Administration Director: Julie CUGURNO
Head of International Sales & Marketing: Emmanuelle CHAROTTE
Screenplay, artistic direction, show direction: Moira SMITH
Light design: Frédéric FAYARD & Johan CHABAL
Music and sound design: Philippe VILLAR  & Pascal LENGAGNE
Video images: François SIMEREY & Yannick VIOLIN
Laser Designer : Claude LIFANTE
Pyrotechnic Designer : Pierre-Emmanuel GELIS
Water and flames effects design: James THOMSON
Water effect Designer: Michel AMANN
Programmation & Show control Engineers: Gael PICQUET, David BIRCHALL, Lawrence RYAN
Architect & Stage Designer: Julie MOREAU, François THOREL
Artistic coordination: Pauline MOSS
Logistic Manager: Morgane COCHET
Actors (voices): Christian ERICKSON, Andy CHASE, Kaycie CHASE
Preshow assistant: Kaycie CHASE
Stylist: Dulcie BEST
Additional images: Céranne GANTZER
Photos & Video: Julien PANIE