Metamorphosis, Eglise de Chatou, France - 2011

Multimedia show
Notre-Dame church - Chatou, France


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Concept, Design and Artistic Production - Les Petits Français
Martin Arnaud, Original Concept and Director
Marilyn Kuentz, Artistic Producer
Rachel Gonidec, Project Manager
Christophe Bertiaux/monoeil2b, Image and 3D-Model Designer
François Simerey, Image and 3D-Model Designer
Base 80, Image and 3D-Model Designer
Roger Rey, Light Designer
Philippe Villar, Composer and Sound Designer
Thibault Arnaud, Light and Sound Manager
Darius Favreau, Filming of the show
Coordination – Chatou’s Parish

Bruno Valentin, Spiritual Coordinator
Lan-Hsin Arnaud, Project Coordinator
ETC Audiovisuel – Video projection
Nicolas Manichon, Project Manager
Franck Denos, Video Operator
François Dubois, Video Operator
Pre-Vues - Light
Nicolas Savigny

On-Off - Sound
Guy Vergnol
Special Thanks
The people of Chatou Parish
Chatou Town Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Kirady