Video Designer & Scenograph

After a degree in Object Design and 18 months dedicated in developing an industrial infrared dryer asHead of Engineering and Design Office Manager, I created my company Design i-media in 1999.
After years of graphic creation in various fields, (printing, architectural CG, events) and then event scenography, I discovered video mapping with Martin Arnaud (Les Petits Francais) and Christophe Bertiaux (Mon oeil de Bertiaux) for the production of a multimedia show in Madrid, "Bollywoodland, Love never dies" (2009).
At the same time, I started to use Houdini FX, an amazing 3D VFX software from SideFX. Today, I am a Houdini FX expert, using procedural modeling, fluid, ocean, fire, destruction simulations, VEX/VOP, shaders, python and Personal Tools developed for video mapping.
Since then, I constantly develop graphic creations for multimedia shows, with two THEA award winnings.