CGRU afanasy - hrender restart job with turn off Override Camera Resolution

In CGRU afanasy, you can't change camera resolution or ROP option for a job.
So here an exemple to restart a job and changing some options.
Simple addition to script, to restart a job previously created with the option Override Camera Resolution checked. is located in $CGRU/plugins/houdini

No need to resend from houdini, just change the script, and restart job will rerender with the original camera resolution.
Add these lines after line 80:
ropnode = hou.node(rop)

# Change ROP settings --
resover = ropnode.parm("override_camerares")
    print('   Override Camera Resolution turned off.')
    print('Failed, override_camerares not changed.')
You can also turn off the option Write Checkpoint, add this code:
chkpt = ropnode.parm("vm_writecheckpoint")
    print('   Write Checkpoint turned off.')
    print('Failed, vm_writecheckpoint not changed.')