Houdini Christie Video Projector HDA

Video Projector Houdini Digital Asset. Create a video projector with all specifications from Christie Digital projectors. The main interest is to set up a video technical implantation.
Specifications extracted from Christie Throw Calculator:
  • Model Name
  • Lenses compatible models
  • Lumen
  • Image Ratio
  • Shift Limits H/V
  • Diagonal min/max
  • Zoom fixed/min/max
  • Intercept min/max
A camera is created in place of the Video Projector (you can render the VP view), with all specifications for this model and lens.
Parameters Desc


The asset takes all specifications and compatible lenses for all video projectors.
It calculates the width, height, diagonal, lux, throw distance min/max, zoom min/max, for the selected model, lens and distance.

Viewport Desc


The viewport displays the real shadows and the projections. The asset creates on the fly the texture with custom colour and text. The ratio is automatically adjusted. The lux power is calculated for 9 points on the object specified and integrated in the texture.

Parameters Desc


The asset can display useful guides for the chosen model and lens.
- frustum
- shift limits
- distance limits
- Width / Height for specified distance